API Reference

These pages provide developers detailed documentation about functions and classes within the latest release of the PsychXR library. Please submit an issue to the tracker here to report any errata.

psychxr.drivers - VR hardware interfaces

These modules provide extension types and functions for working with a particular VR driver API. Note that not all functionality provided by a driver may be exposed by a given interface. Interfaces may differ greatly between drivers in terms of available features, functionality, and performance. One must chose which to use that best suits the requirements of the application.

psychxr.tools - Tools for working with VR

This module contains tools that are interoperable with all driver interfaces to aid in composing virtual environments and enabling basic interaction within virtual spaces. These tools combined with a graphics framework (e.g., GLFW, ModernGL, etc.) and audio library (e.g. OpenAL), gives one a complete environment for developing rich VR applications.